Promo 2013!

Ladies and Gentleman,

we are very very VERY proud to feed you with some final infos about our upcoming Tex-Mex Ass Blast Promo CD:

It’s a three track CD including
- Tex-Mex Ass Blast
- Penis in a Hive
- 69 Utopia Carnage

These tracks were recorded in the first week of April 2013 in cooperation with Sourmash Studio (Döttingen Argovia) and its producer Daniel Baeriswyl (Amagortis), studio assistance Marvin and drum tech Pascal Ruppen (Amagortis). All the tracks were mastered by Philipp Schweidler (Department of Noise), he also worked together with the legendary Celtic Frost.
(By the way: He produced and mastered some shizzle of Caroline Chevin, Marc Sway, D Antoine and Dj Tatana... Funny shit! )

About the artwork/layout: This putrid shit was made by Sidjime Art.
Bandpictures taken by Gorka (Armageddon Mf).
Layout by our singer René “Pussyshredder” Barthoulot.

Big thanks from us to all this people for their big effort on this CD.
It was a great experience and we hope to work together with some of these people in the future.
New merchandise is also being released with our Promo CD 2013:
- Tex-Mex Ass Blast Artwork Shirt
- Tex-Mex Ass Blast Logo Shirt
- Tex-Mex Ass Blast Artwork Hoodie

We are going to open a Bigcartel-shop as soon as possible. The CD’s and the merchandise are ordered and we are waiting for the shipping.

We stay in touch!
Clitorous Commandation 


Hey Sickfucks!

There are great news:

1. We are going to enter Sourmash Studios in the first week on April with Daniel from Amagortis to record a 3 track Promo-CD. We are motivated as fuck to record a killer CD with his help. More informations about tracklist, coverart and merchandise coming soon...

2. It's a pleasure for us to present you our first gig out of Switzerland... CLIT COMMANDER GOES SPERMANY!!!

We are going to share the stage with Carnal Decay, Foetal Juice, Leaf for Dead , Rape Machine, Sadistic Emergency and Gutfuck at Dying Death Date:

3. So check out the next Clit Commander shows:

30th March @ Sedel, Lucerne, NBM- Warm-up Show: HELP US TO GET A SLOT AT NBM-FESTIVAL!!!!!

5th May ROCK the HELL, Wildhaus SG:

31th May, Dying Death Date I, Tannheim DE:

4. We promise, there are some killer shows and merchandise to cum!!!

Yours sincerely,

the Clit Commando

New Member Dave!

We are proud to announce some world changing news! 

Dave Apel, formerly "Incinerated Flesh", is now our second Vocalist!
Clit Commander goes double guttural penetration! 

He's a talented grunter and we're shure we'll have a good time together.


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